Lee Oskar showcases at Sequim Lavender Faire 2013


Sequim, WA – “Painting is like composing music, it comes from the same place
- Lee Oskar.

What happens when a famous blues/rock musician creates art on canvas? An extension of the same vision, creativity and insight needed to create music that lasts for decades translates beautifully onto canvas. Writers, actors, musicians have created visual art for centuries as an extension of their artistic gifts…and this musician is a gifted member of this group.

Lee Oskar is famously known as the manufacturer of the Lee Oskar harmonica and one of the original founding members of the Latin, soul, funk band who composed, recorded and performed numerous top ten chart hits including "Low Rider," “Cisco Kid," "Why Can't We Be Friends," "Slipping Into Darkness", and many more. Lee Oskar still creates and performs music on stage as well as expressing himself with acrylics on canvas.

For the first time in his long and creative career, Lee has offered to showcase his stunning painting, “Lavender Fields Forever” to the delight of the Sequim Lavender Farmers Association to use for the 2013 Sequim Lavender Farm Faire. “Lavender Fields Forever” brings his vision of lavender back to the farmers who grow it. The art will be featured on the Faire poster, marketing materials and on the sportswear collection, representing the spirit of the 2013 Sequim Lavender Farm Faire.

The natural beauty of all his many travels spanning from coast to coast and around the world constantly inspires Lee. His recent acrylic on canvas series explores the relationships between strong contrasts and vivid colors with tonal backgrounds. His paintings capture an almost photographic quality of realism. The juxtaposition of these powerfully contrasting natural elements are stunning and arresting, inviting a prolonged engagement with the viewer.

The painting evolved after one of Lee’s trips to Japan, were he was inspired by the vast purple fields of lavender, which seemed to go on forever. Then through an amazing mystical coincidence of life, Lee stayed at Purple Haze Lavender Farmhouse in Sequim, WA, during his appearance next door at the Sequim Balloon Festival. Mike Reichner, owner of Purple Haze Lavender Farm, and Lee Oskar, found common ground in their appreciation of music and art, and through this newly found relationship came Lee’s generous offer to donate, “Lavender Fields Forever” to the Farm Faire event.

Giclee prints of some of Oskar’s paintings in this series will be available for purchase during the Farm Faire and Lee will be signing posters. Giclee prints are also available on-line at www.leeoskarpaintings.com. Proceeds from the sales of “Lavender Fields Forever” prints are being donated by Lee Oskar to the Sequim Lavender Farmers Association fund.

The Farm Faire -- Sequim lavender farmers once again welcome the world to visit their stunning lavender farms at the annual Sequim Lavender Farm Faire, bringing together 17 years of lavender farming as part of Sequim Lavender Weekend, July 19-21, 2013 on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. The Faire gathers all things lavender with the world-famous Heritage Lavender Farm Tours and the Lavender Arts & Crafts Faire in the Park.

The Sequim Lavender Farm Faire is an annual celebration and fundraising event of the Sequim Lavender Farmers Association. These world-famous farms are local family-owned and operated farms with over 125 years of collective lavender-growing experience. Our farmers live on the land and are full time farmers, committed to the highest quality lavender, lavender products, and events.

More information: www.sequimlavender.org, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call 360-452-6300. The Sequim Lavender Farm Faire is produced by the Sequim Lavender Farmers Association, a Washington state nonprofit corporation.